DRIVECAST (TM) Displacement Pile


The Drivecast pile is a full displacement pile, using robust soil displacement methodology to developed high capacities using a centralized steel shaft surrounded by a grout column.
Helix Material Low Carbon Steel Meeting the General Requirements of AISI or ASTM A572, A656, or A1018
Coupling Bolts: 1-1/8” Diameter x 4-1/4” Long Hex Head Per ASTM A193 Grade B7
Paddle Extends from Perimeter of RCS to Outer Edge of Lower/Smaller Helix.

Drivecast (TM) Displacement Pile

Drive-Cast will double the installation capabilities of current installers, it will also allow you to approach projects you probably couldn’t compete in before. Installation Equipment Requirements Include:
10,000 – 35,000 lb. Excavator (Depending on Pile Size and Capacity Requirements)
Hydraulic Drive-Head
Paddle Mixer or On-Site Grout Truck
Reinforced Grout Reservoir

Product Performance:
In the Field
In recent Drive Cast testing the pile achieved the following capacities utilizing a 3.5” round, central steel shaft:
200 Kips in Compression
70 Kips in Tension
10 Kips in Lateral

DRIVE-CAST Features:
High capacity - more than 100 tons
Build on weak soil
Installed in limited access and minimal clearance areas
Extendable with bolted joint connection
Less cost than Auger Cast
Labor saving - smaller crews
No pre-drilling
No Spoils
Resistant to buckling in weak soils
Corrosion resistant
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*This information for Drivecast (TM) product was provided by Earth Anchoring Supplies   Earth Anchoring supplies helical piers to Solid Earth Technologies, Inc.