Solid Earth Technologies has an experienced team of consultants, helical pile designers and certified CHANCE Helical Pier installers



One of our services include Helical anchors to retain wall

Our services include:

Boardwalk / Bridge Foundations

Instant foundation anchors are engineered to construct environmentally-friendly foundations for walkways, boardwalks, piers and bridges in wetlands and tidal marshes

New construction Piers

Deep foundation helical piers/minipiles support new structures that would be built on weak soil conditions.  Anchors are rated by the building codes for typical working loads of 10 to 20 tons.

Underpinning Structures

Chance Helical Pier Foundation Systems are used on commercial or residential buildings to raise and stabilize settling foundations.

Grouted Pulldown Micropiles

Micropiles incorporate a grout column around the steel anchor shafts for added support and higher capacities for new construction and underpinning.

Retention Wall System

Tieback anchors and soil nailing are ideal for lateral support of retaining walls, bulkheads and seawalls.

Telecom Foundations

Tower foundations can use guy wires or leg/base piles using helical pulldown micropiles.

Pipeline Helical Anchors

Great solution for pipeline stabilization and buoyancy control.

Consultation and Design for Residential and Commercial Projects