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Helical Piles used in unstable soil at the beach in Brewster MA

Helical Piles for New Construction

Helical piles are suitable in areas with loose soil conditions, especially shorelines and beach fronts.

When encountering poor soil conditions on a building site it may be necessary to transfer the building load to deeper more stable soils.

Helical Piles used for environmental boardwalk in Foxboro, MA.

Environmental Boardwalks with Helical Pile Foundation Support

Helical pier foundation systems have minimal ecological impact in sensitive areas such as wetlands, marshes, bogs, beach or lake fronts.

It's the logical choice when designing nature trail footbridges and boardwalks.

Town hall foundation repair with helical pile underpinnings by Solid Earth Technologies

Underpinning Existing Structures

Foundation underpinning transfers the building load to stable soil.

Underpinning with helical piles is used to help strengthen, stabilize, and level existing structures.

Solid Earth Technologies is the premiere solution provider for environmentally-friendly structural support for residential, commercial and municipal construction.  We are certified and highly qualified helical pile installers of the AB Chance Helical Pier Foundation System that stabilizes the foundation without damaging the existing structure.

Our helical pier systems have pile applications for new construction, retaining walls, telecom towers, solar panels, parking/site lighting or any other structures requiring special foundation support in weak soil conditions. We are one of the best helical pile installer company.


How to work our helical pile installers?

Our Helical pile installers are professionals who specialize in the installation of helical piles, which are a type of foundation system used in construction projects. They are trained in the proper installation techniques for helical piles and use specialized equipment to install them efficiently and accurately. The installation process involves drilling the piles into the ground, often to a depth of several meters, until they reach a layer of soil or rock that can support the weight of the structure.

Solid Earth Technologies is a helical pile company that specializes in the design, installation, and testing of helical pile foundations. Helical piles are a type of deep foundation system that consists of a steel shaft with helical plates attached to it. The piles are screwed into the ground using hydraulic machinery, and they provide structural support for various types of structures, including buildings, bridges, and transmission towers.we are Best helical pile installers company

Best helical pile company

Helical piles, sometimes referred to as anchors, piles, or screw piles, are often used to stabilize new or existing foundations. Helical piles essentially look like screws—they’re composed of one galvanized iron shaft with “fins” or helical bearing plates. These piles are then turned into the ground by a machine to the desired depth.


Solutions for Architects, Engineers, and Homeowners

Solid Earth Technologies installs new construction piles

New Construction Piles

New construction piles are designed to support building loads for new structures being built in areas where soils are unstable.

Solid Earth Technologies is a Tieback Anchor installer in New England

Tieback Anchors

Helical Tieback Anchors are used to reinforce and anchor walls damaged by lateral loads from earth and water pressure

Solid Earth fixes foundation stabilization issues around New England

Foundation Stabilization/Repair

Underpinning with helical piles helps to stabilize existing foundations by preventing shifting and settling.

Solid Earth Technologies installs helical piles for environmental boardwalks

Environmental Boardwalks

Helical pile systems are ideal for boardwalks in environmentally sensitive areas that require minimal disturbance to the ecosystem.

Experience You Can Trust

Over 70 Years of Combined Installation Experience on Staff

Over 50,000 Helical Piles Installed Precisely to Engineered Specs 

Solid Earth Technologies is one of the most accomplished and experienced helical pile installers in New England.

Don't leave the success of your project in the hands of an inexperienced contractor. When your name is on the line, trust Solid Earth Technologies to make the earth stand still for the life of your project.

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