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Solid Earth Technologies, Inc. - helical pile foundation repair contractors

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Solid Earth Technologies, Inc. located in Amherst, NH, has been installing piles for commercial, residential and government projects throughout New England since 1997.  Being highly qualified pile contractors, we have specialized in foundation stabilization and helical pier installation for over sixteen years.

Our professional team of certified installers are trained to diagnose foundation issues and recommend the best and most economical solution for you.  We have the technical skills and resources to complete the most complicated projects.  Our management team is educated and experienced in soil mechanics, piling and earth anchor design and installation.  Our crew members have satisfied all of the requirements by AB Chance and are certified for helical pile contractors.

Solid Earth Technologies, Inc. works with geotechnical and structural engineers to provide solutions to soil and foundation problems for their customers.  Our services include:

The specialized AB Chance Helical Pier solutions we use combined with our construction and engineering expertise offers unique advantages to support a variety of applications.  To learn more about how we can assist your needs, contact us today!

Affiliation with      Earth Anchoring supplies helical piers to Solid Earth Technologies, Inc.